Connect Ireland

What is ConnectIreland?
ConnectIreland is Ireland’s first ever incentivised jobs referral programme where anybody who introduces a company to Connectlreland, that is expanding internationally, could earn a financial reward from the Irish Government. ConnectIreland was appointed by IDA Ireland to deliver the Succeed in Ireland initiative which is part of the Irish Government’s 2012 Action Plan for Jobs.

The Success
ConnectIreland was launched on March 8, 2012 by Enda Kenny, leader or An Taoiseach of the Irish Government. Already we have created some 40 jobs as a direct result of a referral by Connector Eddies Horkan from Carlow, who introduced ConnectIreland to Intergeo Services who since decided to establish operations in Carlow. Recruitment has already begun. After 12 months in operation, some 600 companies from all over the globe are registered at and ConnectIreland is working with over 450 of these companies. None of the companies had previously considered Ireland prior to the launch of ConnectIreland.

ConnectIreland working with the GAA
These are challenging times for GAA clubs all over Ireland. With rising unemployment, many players have no option but to move abroad to find work. This means clubs in Ireland are losing players and having difficulties fielding complete teams.

Opportunity for GAA players and supporters around the world
With ConnectIreland, there’s an opportunity for those who have emigrated or are planning to. Players who live abroad are in a strong position to support their local club, county and country and, at the same time, benefit themselves.

To participate in ConnectIreland, all that’s required is to find a connection in a company (located outside of Ireland) that is growing internationally. Register the company with ConnectIreland and introduce a decision maker to the ConnectIreland team. The ConnectIreland team will take over from there. If this introduction results in jobs being created in Ireland, the Connector will receive a minimum of €1,500 per job created, ( to a maximum of 100 jobs) subject to certain terms and conditions.

The reward can be used personally, donated to a local GAA club or charity or even waived as a mark of support for Ireland. Most importantly, the GAA Connector can potentially influence the company to locate to their local town or village and create jobs, which may even provide an opportunity for the Connector to return to Ireland.

GAA ConnectIreland liaison officer
Starting in May 2012, ConnectIreland will be working with the GAA in Ireland and internationally to help create employment at local club level across Ireland. An information campaign will be implemented at GAA County Board level through a dedicated ConnectIreland Liaison Officer.

Read more on the GAA brochure below.
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30 Jan 2013, 15:52